Site Plan De Tox Superfood Bar


Your online siteplan is the foundation for your new website and where all the information you provide us for the website will appear. You need to examine it closely. The siteplan includes a menu of your website’s navigation. Click on the menu items to inspect the various pages underneath.

Ultimately the plan will become your website, but not until you’ve agreed on the page structure and have provided all the information we need for our copywriters and designers to write and design your new site.

It's important you regularly check the siteplan to ensure you’re happy with the website’s structure and content and because the plan might have questions for you to answer.

Nobody knows your business better than you - so the more information you provide for your website, the better the end result.

Branding Collateral

GOOP Digital are still waiting to receive branding collateral from you. It is essential that we have electronic copies of your logo, business card, style guide and brochures (where applicable). Without this information, we cannot align your website design to your current branding.

Please provide GOOP Digital with your collateral ASAP.


  • Business Name:De Tox Superfood Bar


Your website's navigation structure:

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